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new cnc Haas machines in Millitec

Millitec invests in top of the range CNC machines!

Here at Millitec, we take pride in continuously investing in both our people and our equipment to ensure that we are always able to supply the […]

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Strawberries and cream at wimbledon

Wimbledon is upon us…

Wimbledon is upon us. Two weeks of world class tennis played on the famous grass courts, accompanied of course by the best of British summer time […]

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sandwich line millitec

How is the manufactured sandwich created

Have you ever wondered how that sandwich you brought from the shop for your lunch came to be? I’m going to guess not. Why would you? […]

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Millitec sandwich machinery spares

Quick response from our Spares Team saves the day!

Knowing you’ve done a good job on something is great, having someone actually say just how well you’ve done is even better. Just this week, a […]

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