Ensuring your bar code verification system is working can be a nightmare!

The problem:

Every day many food manufacturers are being fined by large retail groups for faults and errors found in product barcode labelling.  Often the errors are very simple and stem from product and packaging mismatches or incorrectly printed bar codes on packaging.

You don’t know until it’s too late that your bar code verification system has failed.


The solution:

A hygienic, food friendly model of the product with a fake bar code, to test the verification equipment at the beginning, middle and end of each shift.  It’s the perfect safeguard to prevent unexpected equipment failure.

Recently, we had a customer struggling with a way of checking if their verification equipment was working efficiently.   He wanted a unique solution to avoid those hefty fines.  We love these kinds of challenges – our designer spent a few hours devising the blocks, then it was our CNC operator’s turn to create the machine programme.

The result was a triangular acetal block with a barcode area and a stainless steel front, or the plastic sandwich as we fondly call it!