HPL Indexing Conveyor V220

HPL conveyor with BG

A Reliable Solution to Enhance Your Production Processes

HPL conveyor without BG

HPL offers a range of features designed to optimise efficiency and ease of use.

Invest in the HPL Conveyor and experience a streamlined production line that maximises productivity and efficiency while maintaining hygiene standards.

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PU conveyor belts

Various Millitec machines can be added to form an integrated production line.



The HPL Conveyor is designed with easy cleaning in mind. This feature ensures that you can maintain high hygiene standards without sacrificing productivity.


  1. You have the option to select either continuous running or indexing modes, and it can adapt to both flat and punched belts based on your requirements.
Pasta Line

Connect to our HPD Hygienic Pasta Depositor to create a seamless pasta line.

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