HPD Hygienic Pasta Depositor


Experience the ultimate pasta depositing solution with the Millitec Hygienic Pasta Depositor (HPD). This state-of-the-art machine is designed to handle even the most delicate pasta types, ensuring precision and efficiency in your production processes.

It can deposit precise amounts of pasta salads, sauces, creams, salads, peas, rice, noodles and other wet produce.

Efficient, Fast Depositing
It can hygienically deposit up to 60 pots/ min (30 operations per head) and choose up to 16 pre-programmed recipes. Rapid reload times.
Adjustable Height
With the touchscreen interface and automated adjustable height depositor head, you have the ultimate flexibility.
Optimised Refeed
Sauce/Dressing capture and refeed maintaining recipe balance/BOP analysis.

Other key features

Accurate depositing, adjustable to 1.0g depending on particle size.
Deposit weight, density, delay, time and suck back are all adjustable.
Eliminate dirty, contaminated air entering the production environment.

Servo-operated, Energy-efficient

HPD uses electric actuators and limited pneumatics to achieve impressive energy savings while reducing giveaways. Energy savings up to £26,473.30 annually. 
HBP energy assumption
HPD Comparison



  • Working Height: 900mm +/- 100mm
  • Overall Depth: 1747 mm
  • Overall Height: 2135 mm
  • Overall Width: 1103 mm
  • Weight (Complete Unit): 200 kg


  • MAX Sheeting Slot Length: 100 mm
  • MAX Sheeting Slot Width: 8 mm

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