Millitec’s best sandwich machines ever!

It’s all go here at Millitec – the welders are welding, the machinists are machining and the blast room hasn’t stopped for weeks – just how we like it!

At the moment, we have four complete lines currently in production and the workshop is buzzing with activity to ensure we meet the deadline on time. Ultrasonic cutters, collator butterers, CIP units, sanitising conveyors, cutter exit conveyors, sandwich production conveyors in various lengths and our hygienic pasta line are all being assembled – we’re going to need a bigger workshop to fit them all in!


Millitec welding Three new fabricators have recently joined the Millitec team, each bringing years of world class welding experience and dramatically decreasing our fabrication lead times. Our brand new Haas milling machine and lathe are proving they were well worth the investment, turning out more intricate parts than previously possible whilst our high tech specialist blasting equipment ensures each machine we produce has a superb matte finish and shining Millitec logo.

It goes without saying that every care is being taken to ensure these machines will be produced to the highest quality and exceed the standards our customers expect from Millitec.  The highest quality, locally sourced materials are being used and each machine is being kitted out with the latest technology to hit the food production industry.