OWC Ultrasonic Wrap Cutter V100

OWC Ultrasonic Wrap Cutter V100

Ultrasonic wrap cutter

Fast, accurate and automatic wrap cutting

Millitec Food Systems Ltd OWC Ultrasonic Wrap Cutter V100 utilises our extremely accurate high-speed aligner to centre the wraps, and an angled titanium cutting blade vibrating at 20KHz, slices the wraps with an accurate 45-degree cut with precision and minimal distortion. The transfer of cut wraps is smooth on to the WEC exit conveyor for packing.

The machine speed is only limited by the speed of the aligner which will typically run at up to 100 operations per minute. Machine operating settings are controlled from a touch sensitive screen. The screen displays information and has touch sensitive boxes that enable the selection of functions and changes to settings to be made.

The Millitec OWC Ultrasonic Wrap Cutter automatically counts the wraps as it cuts them. This can be used to aid production planning. It is viewed from the main operation screen and it also shows the number of sandwiches cut per hour.

Other Millitec ultrasonic cutting machines include ultrasonic sandwich cutter and ultrasonic sandwich quarter cutter.

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