Production Operative Separation

Overscale 2

Minimise the Risk of Virus Spread with Millitec

Individual line 2

Hygienic and Flexible

Our separation panels come in three versatile options: single, triple bay, and over-scale variants. Specifically tailored to fit over takeaway scales in food production environments, these panels provide a safely isolated pitch without creating a claustrophobic environment..


Whether you require a single panel for smaller workstations or a triple bay setup for larger operations, our range offers customisable configurations to suit your specific needs.

Flexible Configurations

Easy Installation

Our separation panels are designed for hassle-free installation and removal. This allows for convenient cleaning routines and enables you to adapt your workspace as necessary without any complications.

Easy to Clean

  1. Our panels are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and polycarbonate sheeting, ensuring a hygienic working environment. 
  2. They are designed to be easily cleaned, allowing for efficient maintenance and preventing the accumulation of germs.

Maintain high-standard hygienic with Millitec's production operative separation.