Quick response from our Spares Team saves the day!

Knowing you’ve done a good job on something is great, having someone actually say just how well you’ve done is even better.

Just this week, a valued customer of ours came to us with a serious crisis that could have ended up a real disaster. Thanks to our spares service though, we had everything resolved in a matter of hours.

The customer couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s what they had to say:


We had major problems with one of our make up conveyors, this caused severe panic amongst the management team here. But with Millitec’s quick response we were able to get the line up and running again mid afternoon.

May I take this opportunity to thank Rebecca and Matthew at Millitec – it is greatly appreciated.

Dave Wilkinson, Engineering Team Leader
Dave Wilkinson, Engineering Team Leader
Solway Foods


Thanks Dave! We’ll be sure to keep up the good work.