Revolutionising Food Production with Millitec’s Bread Denester

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Revolutionising Food Production with Millitec’s Bread Denester

Innovation is at the heart of Millitec, driving us to continually push boundaries in food production technologies, ensuring the highest quality for our customers. Our latest breakthrough, the BDN400 bread denester, demonstrates our commitment to innovation. As a testament to its pioneering design and functionality, the BDN400 is a strong contender for the Innovation Award at the upcoming 2024 Food Excellence Awards. In this blog post, we will provide an insightful journey through the evolution of our denester machine.

Introduction of the Millitec Bread Denester

Millitec BDN Bread De-nester

Debuting just this year, our bread denester, the BDN400, enters a market already rich with denesting machinery. However, this machine revolutionises the production line with cutting-edge features, significantly enhancing food processing efficiency and productivity. The BDN400 offers several functions that set it apart:

1. Full Control and Customisation

The BDN400 provides customers with precise control over timing and speed. The machine boasts four lanes that can be operated individually, in pairs, in threes, or all four lanes at an impressive rate of up to 80 slices per minute, catering to the specific needs of a business. The user-friendly touchscreen interface puts this control at the user’s fingertips.

2. Buffering and Production Line Optimisation

Equipped with input conveyors that maintain a product buffer, the denester eliminates wasteful gaps in the production line. This buffering feature optimises production flow, minimises downtime, and ensures continuous and efficient manufacturing.

3. Great Adjustability and Compatibility

The denester’s adaptability is a standout feature, accommodating various slice sizes and seamlessly integrating with diverse handling systems, including butterers, to form a complete production line. Fitted with braked casters, it offers mobility and flexibility in the workspace, enhancing operational convenience.

4. Hygienic Design

Prioritising simplicity and reliability, the denester boasts a user-friendly design for easy operation and maintenance. Its quick dismantling feature facilitates regular cleaning, ensuring impeccable hygiene and smooth integration into the production process.

What Sets Our Bread Denester Apart

The Millitec BDN400 Denester stands out in the industry due to its patented peeling motion mechanism, a unique approach to separating bread slices. Unlike conventional methods involving sharp tools or disruptive motions, the BDN400 employs a gentle roller-pedal-based peeling motion, delicately handling the bread throughout the denesting process. This innovation addresses a fundamental concern of preserving the bread’s integrity and appearance, a crucial factor in the food industry.

In summary, the BDN400 distinguishes itself from other bread denesters on the market by employing a fundamentally different denesting motion. This roller-based peeling motion effectively separates the top edge of the bread slice from the loaf, ensuring enhanced productivity and minimised wastage. Common alternatives, such as sliding motions and various stab-and-place methods, often encounter challenges, which the BDN400 overcomes, establishing itself as a superior choice regarding operational efficiency and product quality.

The Pursuit of Perfection

We continually strive to enhance and refine our denester to meet individual needs better. Our journey began with the first trial using bread slices on April 20, 2023. Since then, we have conducted 19 trials, each providing invaluable insights to identify and address challenges, ensuring minimal errors and best practices.

For instance, we observed that bread slices tended to stick together during denesting, requiring a solution to apply pressure and secure them. We have several options (as shown above), but after several trials, we successfully implemented rollers to prevent the bread slices from falling during the denesting process.

In Conclusion

This blog post highlights our journey in perfecting a machine that embodies innovation and addresses critical challenges in the food production industry. The BDN400 bread denester by Millitec stands as a pioneering solution, showcasing the power of innovation in enhancing efficiency and product quality in food production.

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