Richard, Managing Director

Why did you start Millitec? I grew up around engineering, helping out in my dad's engineering business as a kid. I used to go in and fix the machines in the old lace factories in and around Nottingham. In 2005, when chatting with a friend who worked in a food factory, he asked me if I could build a machine to butter bread - and so Millitec was born!

What was your life before Millitec? I was very fortunate and had the opportunity to study Physics at Cambridge with Stephen Hawking! On graduation, I spent a lot of time tinkering in my shed building electronic devices, and came up with some amazing inventions, including motors you'd see in today's everyday machines. I've always loved the excitement around creating something new and finding a better way of doing things.

Favourite sandwich Cheese and Onion or Ham and Cheese - the simpler the better!