Sandwiches – the history of the original party food

Sandwiches. Universally seen as the perfect meal that can be enjoyed any time of day, the world and his dog believe they know what makes the perfect sandwich. And whilst debates wage on between lovers of the doughy good stuff – brown vs white, mayo vs no mayo – I’m sure a majority don’t even know the history of how or even who the humble sandwich was invented by. Hate to break it to you guys but on the 7th day, God did not create the sandwich (He had just created the natural world as we know it so we can let him off on this one, right?). Instead, we have a gambling addict to thank, the Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, whose ego was so big, he named his creation after himself.

The best things in life are for sharing and with that the sandwich began popping up at all the great late night parties. Anyone who was anyone was seen with one of these tasty morsels in the hands. Parties were only the beginning for the sandwich and whilst slow to take off, we Brits can be a bit wary about new things, soon they became featured staples in evening meals, teas and suppers.

Then came the revolution. We’ve all heard the saying “best thing since sliced bread”, perhaps even been confused by it. I mean, sliced bread is great, but it’s no TV or aeroplane now is it? Think about it though. Slicing a loaf of bread is just a nightmare. It’s too soft so it tears, the endless amount of crumbs and the fact that no matter how hard you try, no two slices will ever be the same thickness. All of those issues vanished with two simple words: sliced, bread. Making a sandwich has never been easier thanks to the genius, Gustav Papendick. All you have to do is reach into the bag, grab two slices and load them up with your fillings of choice. Simple, yet like I said, revolutionary.

To think, we owe our lunch time meal to these twelve words, “bring me a piece of meat stuffed between two slices of toast”. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The History of the Sandwich!

The History of the Sandwich!