Sanitising Conveyor

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Millitec’s SC-R Recirculation Sanitising Conveyor prevents contamination from any item entering a controlled environment

A comprehensive dosed water spray matrix – top, bottom, front and back – ensures that each product is fully sanitised before entering food or pharmaceutical production plants. The SC-R uses a recirculation technique facilitating very low water consumption. This recirculation process allows water to be recycled continuously and refreshed when necessary.

The SC-R eliminates the risk of human error associated with dip tank, hand spray procedures and conventional sanitising tunnels. It gives the advantage of a sanitising tunnel with the low water consumption of a dip tank. Increase spray pressure ensures penetration into all areas of packaging, even folds. The machine is cantilevered and mounted on castors all of which remain on the low care side of the barrier. The exit end of the machine is simply pushed through the aperture in the wall. The machine is available in a variety of sizes to cope with products from small tubs through to complete baskets and trays.

  • Water recirculation system
  • Fully automatic recharge and drainage
  • Covers removed within one minute for easy cleaning
  • Controlled sanitising dosage
  • Either sensor activation or continuous spray
  • Fully enclosed 360º spray wash
  • Open textured 400mm conveyor
  • Automatic transfer to controlled area
  • Removable covers and guards for easy cleaning
  • Data logging for integrated plant management
  • Extremely low water consumption
  • Through wall mounting kit available
  • Optional dosing system
  • Variable belt speed
  • Touch screen control
  • Cantilevered construction on castors
  • Can be withdrawn completely into low care for ease of maintenance.
  • Automatic draining and loading of sanitiser into the sump