Sandwich Production Conveyors – SPC

Sandwich Production Conveyor

SPC – Sandwich Production Conveyor

Fully integrated production line


The Millitec Food Systems Ltd SPC500 V210 is an ergonomically designed conveyor production line system, created to simplify the processing of food products. The SPC Conveyor can be produced in various lengths in order to suit the individual needs of the customers.

Raw materials can be stored in the conveniently located tray holders above the belt. Cutting and packing tables can be attached to the Conveyor, whilst various accessory machines such as the Collator Butterer and the SKF Ultrasonic Cutter can be added to form an integrated production line.

The SPC 500 is constructed from stainless steel materials and features a single food grade blue belt and a quick release belt scrapper. The SPC500 has been designed with trouble-free cleaning in mind. The conveyor line is controlled via a PLC and touch screen with belt indexing and continuous modes of operation. The system has inbuilt product counting and production control sensors.

    • Tail stop works
    • Removable drive drum
    • Hygienic seals
    • Housing electric distribution
    • Twin scraper tray
    • Clean in place unit
    • Line control
    • 4 range of attachments accessories
  • SPEED Maximum feed rate 18m/m

    Belt height


    Overall height

    Overall length Depends on model
    Overall width Depends on model
    WEIGHTS Complete unit Depends on model


    415V AC, 3Phase, 50 Hz,

    power required

    16 amps

    control voltage 24 volts


    Stainless Steel 304

    Control cubical Stainless Steel 304
    Belts PU
    Idler rollers Acetal
    bearings Stainless steel sealed type
    Motor drum housings Anodised aluminium
    IP RATING Electrical enclosures  
    (Noise level below 79dB (A) LEAV criterion)

  • The line can be networked into production monitoring and planning systems. Accessories that can be provided with the SPC conveyor line include:
    • Product tray holders
    • Cutting and packing tables
    • Scale tables
    • Product counting photocells
    • Production control sensors
    • Bread trolleys
    • Gastronorm trays
    • Gastronorm trolleys
    • Depositors
    • Plus many more!