SPC Sandwich Production Conveyors


The SPC is an innovative conveyor production line system designed to streamline the processing of food products. With its ergonomic design, this system offers enhanced efficiency and ease of use for food processing operations. Our SPCU's have two width ranges (500mm and 744mm) and be altered to any length you wish to suit your production line. 

The SPC Conveyor can be customised to various lengths, ensuring it can be tailored to your needs. Whether you require a compact setup or a more extensive product line, it can be adapted accordingly.
A noteworthy aspect of this system is its incorporated docking station designed for Millitec’s CIPU (Clean in Place Unit). This integration ensures effortless cleaning and sterilisation of the conveyor, guaranteeing excellent hygiene standards.

Other key features

Compatible with various Millitec machines: Collator Butterer, VSD Depositor, SKF Cutter, CIP Unit.
Easy Monitoring
With built-in product counting and production control sensors.
Various optional accessories available.


  • Belt Width: 386/ 630 mm
  • Belt Height: 900 mm
  • Overall Length: 6000-18000 mm
  • Overall Width: 500/ 744 mm

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