TBB Top and Bottom Butterer


Pair this remarkable buttering machine with our heated butter pump and bread de-nester for seamless, continuous, autonomous operation. Witness a significant boost in productivity, product consistency, and, ultimately, profitability.

What sets our machine apart is its toolless, removable butter application system. Easily switch to other products - from mayonnaise to béchamel - offering flexibility and ensuring effortless cleaning.
Capable of accommodating slices and sandwiches stacked up to 60 mm thick.
TBB provides the flexibility to butter just one side or both, tailored to your requirements.

Other key features

Easy to move
Braked casters make machinery easy to move and clean.
Up to 240 sandwiched per minute over 4 lines
Link with other Millitec robots for a fully automated operation.


TBB drawings
  • Overall Length: 1341 mm
  • Overall Width: 898 mm
  • Overall Height: 1290 mm
  • Belt Height: 900 mm

Video Demo

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