Earlier this month we introduced you to Mohamad - the latest member of the Millitec team, joining us on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership from Loughborough University.

Find out what the University had to say about the upcoming projects below:

"Researchers to teach robots how to differentiate between sandwich ingredients so they can make your favourite BLT"
"Loughborough University computer scientists have teamed up with a food production automation company for a project that looks to teach AI robots how to differentiate between food items so they can make sandwiches in real-world factory environments.
Project lead Dr Baihua Li, of the School of Science, hopes the research with Millitec Food Systems will “empower a range of new automation functions on food production conveyors and pipelines”.
Food manufacturing is the largest manufacturing industry within Europe, but the industry faces major problems with labour supply due to increased costs and a shortage of workers willing to undertake less-skilled roles.
Millitec supplies hi-tech manufacturing machinery and a range of robotic products for food production automation that look to plug this gap in the industry."