The Innovation of the Multi-Head Sauce Depositor

The Innovation of the Multi-Head Sauce Depositor

The Birth of the Multi-Head Sauce Depositor

The Multi-Head Sauce Depositor (MSD) is one of Millitec’s most renowned food depositors and is well-known for its precision and versatility. This blog post delves into the origin of the MSD and its journey from concept to indispensable food depositing technology.

Identifying the Problem

The idea of the MSD was born out of a discussion with a major European manufacturer facing significant challenges with their existing machines. Their pressing issue was the need for more Bechamel Sauce on their Croque Monsieur. After reaching out to their supplier and finding no viable solution, they turned to Millitec for assistance.

Designing the Solution

Upon visiting the factory and examining the production process, Millitec swiftly began designing a food depositor that could accurately deposit two layers of sauce. The design constraints were clear: the machine needed to be compact, consistent, and hygienic to fit seamlessly into the limited space on the production line.

Prototyping and Precision

After numerous trials and refinements, the prototype achieved ultimate accuracy with a precision of 0.1g. This ensured that a consistent and sufficient amount of Bechamel Sauce was deposited every time. The compact design, equipped with braked castors, ensured mobility and minimised disruption to the production line.

Rapid Implementation

Within a remarkably short span of four weeks from the initial contact, the newly designed Multi-Head Sauce Depositor was up and running on the client’s factory floor. This swift implementation is a testament to Millitec’s efficiency and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Excellence

This success story highlights Millitec’s commitment to producing exceptional machines and delivering unparalleled service. We recognise that each production line is unique and prioritise tailored solutions for every business. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority, and our dedicated team is always ready to tackle your production challenges.

Explore the innovation and efficiency of the Multi-Head Sauce Depositor and discover how Millitec can transform your production line.

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