The Nation’s favourite store bought sandwich is…

The results of a nationwide poll are in, and I can be revealed that the Nation’s favourite store bought sandwich is

*drum roll*

The humble BLT a.k.a. the bacon lettuce and tomato.

When we saw the list of top ten sandwiches, I’ve got to say that here at Millitec, we were left feeling a little bit…underwhelmed. Others to make the cut were prawn mayo and ham and cheese – not exactly glamorous. It led to a very interesting discussion amongst a few of our staff about what our favourite sandwiches were and some were definitely more, shall we say exotic, than others…

Matthew (Operations Manager): Brie, bacon and cranberry

Rebecca (Administrator aka head blogger): Pulled pork in smoky chipotle sauce with pickled red onions

Kully (Marketing Manager): Samosa sandwich

Teo(Online marketing): Grilled goats cheese sandwich

Paul (Fabricator): Bacon, fried egg, black pudding, fried mushroom and ketchup with red sauce on toasted bread – the ultimate breakfast sandwich

Marcin (Electrical engineer): Chicken tikka masala sandwich

Jakub (designer): Emmental cheese, smoked ham and grilled tomato sandwich

Dave (Machinist): Cheese steak and ciabatta bread sandwich

Can you come up with a more exotic sandwich?