The Sandwich around the World!

Millitec have been searching to find the most popular sandwiches from around the world!

If you’re from the United Kingdom, then you’ve probably had the argument of what you call your sandwich – varying from sarnie, cobs, roll, baps… the list goes on. Putting that to one side, we’re looking at some of the most popular sandwiches from around the world – you might find yourself a new favourite.

Kicking us off in New Orleans, United States of America, they have the Muffuletta. This very large sandwich consists of many layers of salami, ham, mozzarella, mortadella, and provolone cheese. This sandwich is guaranteed to fill you up.
Next is the Chivito from Uruguay, South America, this sandwich is full of churrasco (thinly sliced beef), bacon, lettuces, ham, tomatoes, and topped with a fried egg and mozzarella. The Chivito translates as 'little goat', rumoured in the 1940's a chef was asked to prepare a roasted goat, and as he didn't have one, the Chivito was created through ingredients found in their kitchen.

Heading closer to home, in Spain they have the Bocadillo de pollo, which starts off with bread which is normally sliced lengthwise and coated with mayonnaise. Following this, they add their chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, cheeses, and topped with fried onions and rocket.

Heading to Asia, they have the Katsu-sando from Japan. I’m sure we’ve all heard of a katsu curry, in Japan they have implemented the fried meat into a sandwich and finished with lettuce, mayonnaise and mustard.

Moving on to China, they have the Pork Belly Bao, this is a very popular Chinese and Taiwanese meal. The pork belly bao lays in between fluffy white buns, and is usually filled with pickled mustard greens, peanuts, and coriander.

In Portugal they have the Francesinha which is a slightly messy sandwich (not one to be eaten as a quick snack). The Francesinha consists of toasted bread, sausages, cheese, beef or pork, ham, and then covered from bun to bun in a rich beer-infused tomato sauce.

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