TTB Table Top Butterer


The Millitec Table Top Butterer (TTB) is a versatile and efficient buttering solution designed for small-scale production and catering environments. Equipped with an internal churn in the butter box, the TTB ensures even distribution for a perfect and consistent buttering experience.

This twin-lane tabletop butterer allows adjustable butter application ranging from 2 g to 8 g, accommodating various preferences.
Portable and capable of handling up to 60 slices per lane per minute.

Other key features

Perfect Buttering
Equipped with an internal churn in the butter box, ensuring even distribution.
Hygienic Design
Tool-free strip down facilitates easy cleaning, and quick-release rollers enhance operational efficiency.
Up to 30 mm height adjustment makes it suitable for buttering bread slices and soft rolls.


TTB V100 table top butterer drawing
  • Weight: 35.5 kg

Video Demo

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