Two Sandwich Production Conveyors – 12 metres long!

At Millitec you can’t say we are not flexible!

We have just completed two of our longest ever sandwich production conveyors.  At 12m long, they’re each the equivalent length of a double decker bus! Our fabricators had a lengthy job on their hands welding the long parts together, but they managed to stretch themselves beautifully!

The conveyors are designed with hygiene in mind with sloping surfaces and smooth lines throughout.  In-built pneumatic electrical distribution means that the entire production line is fed from a single electrical and pneumatic supply leaving the production hall uncluttered with cables and pipes.

This morning they were lovingly packed into a lorry, ready to be delivered to our customer’s new factory where our collator butterers, depositors and ultrasonic cutters are waiting to be connected to them.

Once the relief of seeing them go wears off, it’ll be on to the next job – our workshop never stays quiet for long!