Ultrasonic Blade.

Our Ultrasonic blade is one of the best sellers at Millitec. We strive to be the best in the business for innovative technology that's why all our blades are made from titanium for durability and strength. The Ultrasonic blade comes in four different sizes to suit the machines or products that we produce. All our blades can withstand vibrations of over 20,000 times a second to achieve the perfect cut This allows the blade to cut the most challenging products, with no distortion or tearing such as salmon.

The first stage of the manufacturing process starts with a titanium blank. The blank goes through multiple machine processes to minimise and relieve the stress of the particles in the metal. This allows the blank titanium allows the metal to be prepared at the best quality for the next stage of the manufacturing process.

The second stage of the blade is the finishing and testing of each blade. This stage is the longest part of the process, as each blade goes through rigorous QA testing to meet the specifications and high standards we demand. Also, each blade is individually tailored to a specific machine. This allows the blade to provide the highest quality cutting technology to its product.

The third stage of the blade is fine-tuning and sharpening. The blade then passes further QA testing and this takes a skilled engineer to ensure there are no imperfections. Our engineers have the ability and excellent attention to detail with every blade we produce. This stage is the most vital part of the process, as it requires each blade to resist the high vibrations or kilohertz.

The final stage of this is finishing and further testing. This process provides the ultimate refinement of the blade and test to prove that blade is to exceptional standards. Once the blade has been authorised and approved. The final part of the blade is to laser the unique serial number and logo onto the blade for service traceability.