Ultrasonic sandwich quarter cutter

Ultrasonic sandwich quarter cutter

Fast, accurate and automatic cutting


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  • The Millitec Food Systems Ultrasonic Quartering Cutter utilises two titanium cutting blades vibrating at 20kHz to cut sandwiches into quarters with minimal distortion.

    The machine is fitted with two automatic sandwich aligners which align the sandwiches for both diagonal cutting and quartering.

    Sandwich cut height is digitally displayed on the machine touch screen and easily adjusted

    The machine speed is only limited by the speed of the aligners which will typically run at up to 40 operations per minute. As the product height increases, however, maximum operating speed of the finger will decrease.

    This machine is able to cut up to 32 single stacked sandwiches per minute
  • Ultrasonic Quarter Cutter
PRODUCT Minimum height 40 mm
Maximum width 130 mm
DIMENSIONS Belt height 900 mm
Overall height 130 mm
Overall length 130 mm
Overall width 130 mm
POWER Supply 220V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz,
Power required 16 amps
Control voltage 240 volts
MATERIALS Frame Stainless Steel 304
Control cubical Stainless Steel 304
Belts PU
Idler rollers Acetal
Bearings Stainless steel sealed type
Motor drum housings Anodised aluminium
IP RATING Electrical enclosures IP 65