Will London get its residents to eat bread crusts?

London’s residents throw away 254 million bread crusts a year. Which equates to almost 13 million loaves costing around £13,000,000. Although making bread is better for the environment than rice, when it is sent to landfill it releases methane as it rots away which is a damaging greenhouse gas.

The London waste authority have asked Keep Britain Tidy to undertake a campaign to save the crust. During February and March chefs will demonstrate ways to make tasty treats from crusts of bread. Currently 43% of homes throw the crust away. 16 to 24 year olds are the worst offenders with 15% cutting the crust off sandwiches compared to just 4% of over 55s.

Many consumers may not realise that the crust has more nutrients then the rest of the bread. A recent study found that an antioxidant “pronyl-lysine” exists in the crust which increases enzymes that help the body prevent cancer.

Research indicates 10% of under 35’s believes any action they take would have little effect on the reduction of food waste. However, lots of small changes could have an impact. With the launch of the save our crust campaign it is hoped that consumers will engage by making new food dishes from something that would have been sent to landfill sites.

What do you think we should do with the crust?