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Discover our history and the path we are taking towards achieving success.

Get to know our founder, Richard.

Richard Ledger

Richard Ledger, Managing Director

Richard grew up around engineering, helping out in his dad's engineering business as a kid. He used to go in and fix the machines in the old lace factories in and around Nottingham. Richard studied Physics at Cambridge (with Stephen Hawking!). On graduation, he spent a lot of time building electronic devices and came up with some incredible inventions, including motors people see in today's everyday machines. In 2005, when chatting with a friend who worked in a food factory, he asked Richard if he could build a machine to butter bread - and so Millitec was born!

What we do

Our Core Values


We always aim to break barriers and create new food automation technologies, leading innovation and keeping up with industry trends.

We are dedicated to delivering products and services of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and performance for our customers.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We listen to their needs, understand their pain points, and provide tailored solutions to exceed their expectations.
Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals with remarkable industry experience. We take pride in their knowledge and expertise, and they bring this to every project they work on.
Continuous Improvement
We are committed to ongoing learning, growth, and improvement. We actively seek feedback, embrace change, and consistently seek ways to enhance our products and services.

Our journey since 2005

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Millitec Founded

In 2005, Richard Ledger founded Millitec. The headquarter of Millitec was located in Melton Mowbray.


ISO 9001

Achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification

In 2015, Millitec obtained an internationally recognised certification. This certification ensures that our customers will receive high-quality products and services with every order.


Richard with Award

Won The BSA Sandwich Manufacturer Award

Millitec won the Sammies Award for improving the quality and food safety of sandwich manufacturing.


New Site

Due to the substantial growth, Millitec decided to move and ultimately chose Draycott as the ideal location.


i- Gene Debuted

To better serve our clients in the US, we expanded our market and introduced i-Gene.


Joined Erewash Partnership

Since we moved to the Erewash region in late 2019, Millitec has been committed to contributing to the community.


Won the Made in the Midlands 2023 Food and Drink Award

Millitec collaborated with Loughborough University, utilising AI robots to increase efficiency and improve sandwich assembly precision

and we are continue growing.