Heated Butter Pump


Millitec's HBP conditions and pumps butter/ blends to other Millitec machines such as Collator Butterer (CBM), Top and Bottom Butterer (TBB), and Bread De-nester (BDN) to create a seamless production line. This unit features a heated water jacket and an internal agitator to maintain the product at the desired temperature 

Its temperature and the delivery frequency are adjustable through the HMI user-friendly touchscreen. It can deliver conditioned butter continuously, intermittently or at a
pre-set rate as needed.
Even Conditioning
Utilises a rotating paddle with a scraper in the butter tank for even conditioning.


  • Overall Depth: 792 mm
  • Overall Height: 1046 mm
  • Overall Width: 602 mm

Video Demo

Heated Butter Pump Duo (HBPD)

Heated Butter Pump (HBP) features a bigger tank size than HBP and dual butter pumps. Its system ensures the precise delivery of the conditioned butter or butter blend based on specific requirements, especially when used alongside Millitec Collator Butterer Dual (CBMD).


  • Overall Depth: 912 mm
  • Overall Height: 1046 mm
  • Overall Width: 723 mm

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