CIP Clean In Place Unit

CIP Clean in place unit

A Seamless Solution for Continuously Cleaning Conveyors


Discover effortless conveyor cleaning with CIP.

Our range of CIP units are designed to wash, rinse, and dry the conveyor belt surface without causing any disruption to your production line. With this innovative system, sanitised water is precisely and efficiently sprayed under pressure onto the belt surface, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene.

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After sanitisation, the belt is thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any residue from the sanitiser.

Later, the CIP unit employs a powerful vacuuming system that dries both sides of the belt, preparing it for the next production run.



We understand the importance of resource conservation, so our CIP unit incorporates a recirculating sump of sanitiser. This ensures optimum cleaning results and reduces water consumption, contributing to your sustainability efforts.


With user-friendly programming capabilities, CIP can be easily customised and controlled from the intuitive touchscreen. This allows you to adapt the cleaning process to your specific requirements.

Explore how CIP units can elevate the hygiene standards of your operation.