CIP Units

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CIP Unit is an effortless method for continuously clean conveyor surfaces

The range of Millitec’s CIP units wash, rinse and dry the surface of conveyor belts without any disruption of the production line. Sanitised water is sprayed under pressure onto the surface of the belt to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and prevent contamination.

The belt is then rinsed with clean water to remove any sanitiser residue before being vacuumed dry on both sides. The system employs a recirculating sump of sanitiser to dramatically cut down on water consumption. All features of the machine are fully programmable from the user touch screen mounted on the panel.


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CIP-SPC500 500mm wide x1450mm long, belt width 390mm
CIP-SPC700 700mm wide x1450mm long, belt width 590mm
Heights to suit conveyor belt  


Voltage: 200-240 AC
Current: 10A
Frequency: 50-60Hz single phase
Protection rating:  IP65


Pressure:  Nominal 6Bar
Consumption:  < 1 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

Cold Water

Normal mains pressure
  • Model CIP-SPC500
    Suitable for belt widths up to 390mm wide
  • Model CIP-SPC700
    Suitable for belt widths up to 590mm wide
  • Line Integration
    The unit will seemlessly integrate to all SPC production lines.
  • The units are self-contained, portable and can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning without interrupting production.
  • The CIP unit does not disturb the path of the belt so lines can be run with or without the unit fitted.
  • Vacuum System
    A unique vacuum system incorporating an air lock eliminates the need for pumps to dispose of water, making this the most reliable machine on the market today.
  • Sanitiser dosing
    Available with inbuilt dosing pump and brackets to mount 5l drums of sanitiser direct onto the machine.
  • Touch screen control