SQC Ultrasonic Quartering Cutter


The Millitec Food Systems Ultrasonic Quartering Cutter is a cutting-edge machine designed to precisely quarter sandwiches. It achieves this using two titanium cutting blades vibrating at 20kHz, ensuring minimal distortion. The machine has two automatic sandwich aligners that facilitate both diagonal cutting and quartering. 

High Productivity
The machine's speed is primarily determined by the speed of the aligners, typically operating at up to 40 operations/ min.
Adjustable Height
The sandwich cut height is digitally displayed on the machine's touchscreen and can be easily adjusted to meet specific requirements.

Other key features

Digital Display
Allowing easy adjustment and control.
Dual Cutting Process

Uses two cutting heads - one standard in-line and one box motion cross-cut - to create halves and quarters of sandwiches.

Servo Alignment
Four pneumatic fingers align the sandwich diagonally on the machine's centre line, triggered by sensors.


  • Belt Height: 900 mm
  • Overall Length: 2100 mm
  • Overall Height: 1200 mm
  • Overall Width: 650 mm

Video Demo

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