CEC Cutter Exit Conveyor

Cut Sandwiches 7

Enhanced Efficiency And Ease of Use

cec - cutting exit conveyor

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Millitec CEC

The Millitec CEC is designed to work perfectly with the SKF Ultrasonic Sandwich Cutter, effortlessly transporting freshly cut sandwiches away from the cutter. This conveyor system is adaptable to suit various production lines requiring a conveyor.

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The CEC can function as a standalone or seamlessly integrate into a system.


When connected to Millitec SKF

CEC can be controlled through the SKF’s intuitive control panel, ensuring a streamlined and synchronised workflow.


The hygienic design allows tool-free, efficient strip-down and deep cleaning.

Unlock seamless integration and efficient sandwich cutting with the Millitec Cutter Exit Conveyor.