Bread De-nester

Millitec Bread Denester

Experience the Power of Automation

Bread De-nester

Providing optimal control over your production line speed.

The Millitec Food Systems Bread De-nester (BDN) is perfect for increasing productivity, product consistency and cost management.

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The Bread De-nester boasts an impressive capacity, with up to

slices per minute per lane

High Speed

Perfect Product Handling

The De-nester incorporates Polycord technology, ensuring your bread's delicate handling and maintaining high quality throughout production.


  1. The De-nester is fully mobile, equipped with braked casters. This mobility allows you to reposition easily, maximising operational convenience.

Creating a fully automated Millitec line.

You can connect the Bread De-nester to any of our assembly conveyors, depositors, lidding robots, and ultrasonic cutters.