How Is Manufactured Sandwich Created with Millitec?

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How Is Manufactured Sandwich Created with Millitec?

Have you ever wondered about the process of making your supermarket sandwich? This blog post aims to reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets of manufactured sandwiches.

The Process of Manufacturing Sandwiches

If you were to find yourself on a sandwich factory floor, this is what you’d see: rows of production lines made up of numerous Millitec machines and a sea of people covered in white overalls and hairnets.

It’s amazing how a collaboration between humans and machines resulted in the delicious cheese and pickle sandwich you grabbed earlier. The factory process is similar to how we make sandwiches at home but on a grander scale with advanced equipment. For instance, our ultrasonic sandwich cutter functions similarly to the bread knife you use at home but with greater efficiency and precision.

How to Make a Delicious Manufactured Sandwich in a Few Easy Steps

#1 Entering the Production Line

Millitec bread de-nester

In the past, hiring someone to place sliced bread onto the conveyor manually was necessary. However, our bread de-nester can now automatically place whole loaves onto our sandwich production conveyors, which then move towards the following stages.

#2 Buttering and Filling

Bread buttered by Millitec butterer

The bread is then transported to the butterer. These clever machines spread a thin layer of butter perfectly onto the bread in seconds. With these amazing butterers, people no longer have to struggle with hard butter. These machines continuously churn and heat the butter, ensuring a perfect spreading texture.

The bread travels to another conveyor, now prepped for the sauces for the sandwiches. At Milllitec, we offer depositors that can handle a variety of sauces, including those with tuna, cheese, and corn, in addition to non-particulate options like tomato sauce and bechamel sauce. With our machines, you won’t need to spread the sauce manually on your sandwiches – our depositors ensure even distribution and can even sheet the sauces.

#3 Lidding and Cutting

As the journey continues, the breads are now transported for stacking by the lidding robots. Our HDR Delta Robot can accurately stack sandwiches more efficiently, precisely, and hygienically. Once stacked, the sandwiches are smoothly transported to the sandwich cutter.

SKF Ultrasonic Sandwich Cutter Blade

The ultrasonic sandwich cutter is an impressive piece of machinery that cuts sandwiches with precision and minimal disturbance to the fillings. The sandwich aligner, which is equipped with sensors, ensures that the sandwiches are in the correct position before the titanium blade cuts them. Within seconds, these sandwiches are transformed into perfectly cut triangles or squares.

#3 Packaging

The triangles exit onto another conveyor, and this time called the cutter exit conveyor (CEC) – three guesses as to how the name came about! Sandwiches can be checked before heading off to be packed into boxes.

Before you know it, that sandwich is popping up in your local Tesco, Asda, Aldi, or Sainsbury’s shop, just waiting for you to pick it up and enjoy.

Streamline Your Sandwich Production Line With Millitec

This blog post discloses how Millitec’s different products can help your sandwich manufacturing process easier and more cost-effective. Contact us now to explore how we can assist you in selecting the most appropriate machines for your needs.

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