A Conveyor in a Day!

Hygienic Transfer Conveyor Image No Bckground
With our new state of the art production facility, we are now able to process the highest quality machines for the food processing industry with incredibly quick turnaround times. All stages of the process are completed in house in an environment that only processes stainless steel and materials for high care environments, ensuring there is no possibility of contamination anywhere in the process. We always hold extensive stocks of raw materials and standard components, allowing us to build machines from stock.
Here we follow the process of a small bespoke conveyor through the production process:
Order Taken
Time: 00:00:00
After a request from a customer to get a new process up and running that same week, we commit to what for others would be an impossible delivery time frame of one day for a small, bespoke conveyor – we do love a challenge here at Millitec!
CAD model of HTC

James, our Designer with the CAD model

Time: 01:00:00
The conveyors design is finalised in 3D CAD. During this part of the process any special requests from the customer are also added to the model.
In this particular process, our designer James is adding side rails to the design and is also changing the length of the conveyor to fit with the customers’ requests.
Production Planning and Programming
Time: 03:00:00
Once out of the design stage, the files are exported directly to our machine shop and fabrication department to begin production. At the same time, a ‘Bill of Materials’ is issued to our stores manager, Lou.
Once all of this has been completed, the conveyor is ready to enter the production stage.
Laser Cutting
Time: 03:30:00
The sheet material is loaded onto our brand new, top of the range flatbed laser cutter and is then cut to size to a tolerance of 0.1mm.
The machines legs and framework are also cut on our brand-new tube laser cutter.
Machine Shop
Time: 03:30:00
If there are any parts needed for the machine that are not in stock are issued to our CNC machine shop to be manufactured.
machine shop production

The ST30Y machine

machine shop production

The VF2 machine

Time: 04:00:00
The flat laser parts now move into our folding section to be folded on our brand new 7-axis CNC press.
Time: 04:15:00
All parts for main fabrication now go into production. Our small but highly skilled team of fabricators fully and hygienically weld the frames together.
Here we can see 2 of our fabricators, Andy and Steve, working on the conveyors bed and legs.
Panel Build
Time: 04:15:00
At the same time, the control panel is also being made on a precision laser cut gear plate, ready for the other parts to leave fabrication.
bead blasting

Our onsite bead blasting creating the perfect finish to our machines

Time: 07:00:00
The fabrication is cleaned and polished and if there are any parts that require bead blasting, these are blasted in our dedicated stainless-steel blast room on site.
Time: 08:00:00
All of the component parts are now fabricated, machined and picked ready for the final assembly stage. Drawings are shared electronically to a touchscreen station in our assembly area so our technicians can instantly see how to assemble the machines.
Quality Control and Certification
Time: 10:00:00
Once fully assembled, the final machine goes through a rigour quality control check sheet. The machine is then finally cleaned, CE marked and packed ready for shipping.
Time: 10:45:00
And there we have it, only 11 hours after the order is received, the machine is wrapped and loaded onto transport for delivery direct to the customer. In this case our own transport will be used, and the machine will be commissioned on site the next day.
final conveyor ready to ship

The final Hygienic Transfer Conveyor ready to ship!