Millitec invests in top of the range CNC machines!

New Haas CNC machines delivered to Millitec :)

New Haas CNC machines delivered to Millitec 🙂

Here at Millitec, we take pride in continuously investing in both our people and our equipment to ensure that we are always able to supply the most innovative, efficient, and sleek machinery for the food production industry.

This past month has been no exception, with our latest investment of over £150k seeing us purchase two top-of-the-range CNC machines for our workshop.

Our new CNC in action

The new additions will allow us to dramatically shorten the manufacturing and delivery times of our machines, whilst at the same time greatly improving on their already outstanding quality. The benefits will also see our spares service expand as we’ll be able to manufacture practically any part our customers could need in no time at all.




In such a fast paced industry, it is increasingly important that we’re able to continuously meet the needs of our customers, whilst remaining at the forefront of innovation. It is for these reasons that I felt so strongly about upgrading to the latest machinery which will allow us to keep our competitive edge and continue to pave the way forward in the food manufacturing sector.
 Richard Ledger
Richard Ledger
Managing Director



Our brand new Haas ST-30 and VF2 CNC machines are equipped with the latest technologies. Their outstanding performance ability will allow for higher quality precision cutting, drilling and milling of more complex parts meaning an increase in our in-house production capabilities.

New Millitec CNC machines for Haas


The Haas ST-30Y CNC machine is equipped with:

  • 4000 rpm high-speed spindle
  • +- 50.8 mm Y-Axis Travel
  • Live tooling with C-Axis
  • 12-station hybrid BOT/VDI turret

Generous Y-axis travel combined with high-torque live tooling and C axis motion allow multiple operations in a single setup to reduce part handling and increase accuracy.

The integrated robotic welding equipment will increase our welding quality, improve productivity and enhance our working environment.

New Millitec CNC machines for Haas


The Haas VF-2 vertical machine has been customised for Millitec.  The machine has through spindle and remote coolants as well as remote air blasts to cool and blow chips away resulting in a better finished product.  The machine also features:

  • 8100 rpm high-speed spindle
  • 40-taper cartridge spindle
  • 30 hp vector dual-drive
  • X, Y travel 914 mm x 356 mm


Nice results with the new machines

Nice results with the new machines

With this latest investment, Millitec will be able to shorten the manufacturing times and delivery times for all our machinery including the ultrasonic sandwich and wrap cutters, butterers, mixers, peristaltic depositors, conveyors and sanitisers, all without compromising on their quality. Add to this the increase in high quality in-house manufacturing and the development of new innovative and cutting edge products, Millitec is re-affirming itself as a leader in the sandwich production industry.